Your Mistake, My Lesson.

A few days back, I was in a class where my teacher shared this quote with us,
“Aviation regulation are written in blood.”
We have always listened that we have to learn from our mistakes, so that we won’t commit them again, but what strikes me is, do we really need to practice something by ourselves so that we know if it is good for us or not?

Did you jump right in to the fire when someone told you that it can burn you to death saying, “Nae yar, mai nae manta mujhay pehle khud zara jalnay do.” (No, I don’t believe it. Let me burn myself down first.), or did you drown yourself in a deep ocean when someone told you that it can be deathly for you? Or did you cut yourself in to pieces when someone told you that this knife is sharp enough to drag you to your grave? You didn’t do any of this, right? Because it is never necessary for us to do something which we already know is harmful for us, not because we have been through it, but because we saw or we listened some authentic sources getting harmed because of that.

There must have been someone who experienced the burns and aches of fire and warned others about it, or may be that someone died and others learnt how fire can be contagious for human beings.

Same like that person, there are a hundred of people around us which are trying to give us some lesson by the mistakes they are committing. There must be a guy, who has just proved how foolish it is to invest this amount in this business, or there is your friend sitting right beside you and he/she opted for a wrong procedure and just showed you not to use that formula or that procedure when you are going to solve that particular problem. So, why do you need to endanger yourself when you can easily OBSERVE it from the people around you? Look around you, open your eyes.

20170728_195527 (1)

Life is not a hundred years long in which you have ample choices to make perfect decisions so that 99 out of 100 of them can go down the drain, along with the time which will never come back. Learn from your mistakes, as well as the people around you, their mistakes, their struggles. I agree that there may be a situation which can appear as completely unique and tangled which you think never anyone has faced, but I bet there may be someone who has equally gone through each and everything and can be a super guide for you and your future.

At least this way, you can make them feel good by thanking them for guiding you unintentionally. May be it is chance for you to help yourself from drowning and also a chance to make that someone smile who just survived the horrendous waves of the sea. May be it is a chance for you to say, “your mistakes became my lessons.”

CAUTION: I don’t take guarantee of temper of the person you want to go and thank. Don’t blame me when he/she suddenly starts beating you to death. First, observe if he/she has been in good mood or else you will become a lesson for others :p Hence, it is better to observe usually silently.


9 thoughts on “Your Mistake, My Lesson.

    1. Great blog! I’ve wrestled with the idea of learning from the mistakes of others for a very very long time. I spent a large part of my first 18 years doing just that – learn from others’ mistakes. However once I left Pakistan and was on my own experiencing difficult situations, new circumstances and making my own mistakes, I learned that all my life I was dead wrong. I thought I had learned a lot from observing others all my life where I had actually learned nothing. I had to un-learn everything I had learned up until that point and had to start over and learn from my own mistakes which wasn’t the hard part actually. The hard part was un-learning the junk I had learned watching others.

      There is this stigma associated with making mistakes in our culture. It’s a taboo. No one wants to make mistakes for some reason. “Loag kya kahenge”!

      Make mistakes, Fail, Learn! That’s success

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